Content Story: FLASH (A Stop-Motion Animated Short)

If there is one form of animation that deserves the most praise, it is stop-motion. This style of animation uses real world cameras and objects with the animators moving their relevant objects ever-so-slightly to simulate movement. Stop-motion is one of those fields that you can never understand the patience and dedication it takes until you make one yourself. 

For my animation and motion class, I came up with a very simple concept for my stop-motion, and then filmed using my Insta360 because I can take pictures with it on my phone without having to press the camera shutter. This helped make sure shots that were static stayed static through each picture I took.

Frame 613

The longest part of making a stop-motion is the production process. Eight hours of shooting later, and I had enough photos to just barely make a 40 second film (with a frame rate of 24fps). I created an image sequence in Premiere and at that point the stop motion was pretty much made for me. 

A stop-motion animation is one of those projects where you take for granted until you actually have to do one yourself, and once you do, you earn nothing but a newfound respect for those who do this for a living.

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