Content Story: Logo Stinger

Creating a logo to identify yourself is very important, and it allows other potential viewers to get a glimpse of your personality and skillset. Once you have a logo created, the best thing to do with it is to create an animated logo stinger. This allows your logo to have some motion and can be placed in the front or back of any commercial, film, video, or other digital media. 

This is a project I worked on for my animation and motion class, and decided to redo for this portfolio site. The logo I created for that class seemed too immature, and upon entering this class I knew I was going to need to make a new logo. I started on Adobe Illustrator, drafting and finalizing the current logo you see on this site.

Official Logo for Gabe Walerysiak

Once I finished that, I brought the logo into After Effects and made a logo stinger, which you can see on the top of the homepage play on repeat. I did not want to go crazy for this stinger, and every material being solid white helped a lot with making the motion less tedious. 

I chose to make the circle bounce like a rubber ball to give it some character, then have the “door” to the circle open, and as the circle shrinks and moves to the right, my name in letters moves out of the door and gets revealed alongside the logo. It is then capped off by the line orbiting the circle until it rests in its final spot. It’s a very quick animation that gives the design some character and I’m glad I was able to redo this one.

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