Content Story: Found (A Blender Short Film Animatic)

I love animation, and I really believe that it does not get enough love. That being said, I was never daring enough to attempt animation despite spending the past few years of my life improving my filmmaking. All it took was a global lockdown that forced us to stay in our homes to get me to look into the medium. 

I dedicated my entire content creation class to learning this new skill. I had Blender downloaded, I had a host of tutorials to follow, and I was all set. Seven weeks later, and all that came out of it was a still-framed animatic, much less a fully fletched animation. 

Turns out animation is a tedious process that takes an incredibly long time, exponentiated by the fact that this was my first time ever doing this. Despite how ambitious this project was, I am proud of everything I have learned in Blender and have a new level of respect for those who work with this medium for a living.

That being said, I did learn how to work on meshes, sculpt characters, create environments, use shading effects, use nodes, weight paint, and rig characters, so the amount I learned in the timeframe given cannot be understated. I don’t know if I will ever go back to animation, but it was a process I will not forget.

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