Content Story: Advanced Animation

After taking a course solely on animation and working with After Effects for seven weeks, it was time to test my skills and create a motion themed project that encompassed plenty of my skills I’ve learned throughout the course. Animation is applied in so many different types of media and content that it nearly became overwhelming to decide what exactly I wanted to so with my animation. I chose to make my final project a movie intro, similar to what you see in movies such as James Bond. 

I green-screened myself, imported the footage into After Effects, keyed myself out and silhouetted my body, and worked on the animation. It was a 30-second intro, and it looked good overall, but I think if I take an attempt at redoing it, I can make it look much smoother and up the overall quality. This was the only assignment where I simply revised it instead of starting from scratch. I took the After Effects file I made and decided to work with each individual portion of the video. I started with the ending, as that takes the longest to render. I tried making it so the particles don’t feel like they’re being boxed in by the screen limits. I then changed the shatter animation, followed by completely redoing the coffee pour animation. I chose to make the coffee a white silhouette due to the new background I chose, and I had the other pose increase in size as the coffee was pouring. I lastly changed the animation of the word “Gabe” that pops up at the very beginning. Overall, I think these changes made the title sequence feel more seamless and better connected. 

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