Content Story: How-To Video

Tutorial videos are all across the internet. How do you get your video to stand out from the rest? Applying standard filmmaking practices could be a good place to start.

My tutorial on how to make a paper airplane is about as simple as a tutorial gets. It may have taken me no more than 20 minutes to film. All you need to do is setup the camera, film your subject doing the task, cut, put the camera in a different position, film your subject doing the exact same thing, cut again, and repeating that process until you get at least three different angles of your subject doing the same thing. 

I knew mine production was really simple, so I tried my best to spruce things up with editing. I made sure to cut wherever I felt the movement matched most, which helped make the production feel like it was actually made with multiple cameras. Once I added in my music and colored my footage, I brought the video into After Effects, where I applied a basic stroke animation that drew out the outlines of each step in order to help visualize which piece of the paper you are supposed to fold, if you were following along with the tutorial, of course. 

Sometimes videos need to be simple and straight to the point in order to send the clearest message to their viewer, and this how-to video succeeded at just that.

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