Content Story: Visual Montage

Montages are very entertaining videos, as they can provide a lot of information across a very short period of time. Whether they are trying to advertise something or to build hype for an event, montages can be very fun to watch. 

That’s exactly the type of vibe I wanted to go with for my park montage. I have this huge park just a half mile down the street from my house, and I thought it would be a great place to take my camera and film. 

We had to go earlier in the week to grab pictures of the place, which at the same time allowed me to plot my path for the story I wanted to tell and in what order I wanted to reveal which parts of the park. 

With a montage, you can never get too many shots. I think I got over 100 clips for this montage and used nearly all of them for my 2-minute piece. Depending on the montage, they can be extremely quick to film, but must be planned out quite well if they are to be done right.

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