My name is Gabriel Walerysiak, and I am a Quinnipiac University graduate. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Film, Television and Media Arts, with a minor in Mathematics in June 2020, and a Master of Science in Interactive Media and Communications in May 2021. I recently interned at GlucoseZone during summer 2019, where I edited and helped film a bunch of promotional content for their social media pages. I also interned at Immortal Cinema International in Spring 2021 as an assistant editor, where I helped gather footage, make first cuts, final cuts, color adjustments, and After Effects graphics for promo videos, commercials, trailers, reels, and music videos. I have a hobby of capturing and editing video-game footage for a YouTube channel that I started in the Seventh grade, and that channel is the primary reason I chose to major in Film, TV, and Media Arts. I am also a passionate runner, and even though I am no longer on a team, I run to keep in shape because I know how important that is in today's world. I am looking forward to be more fluent with technologically enhanced creative programs such as the Adobe suite, productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, and any other creative tools I can get my hands on to further improve my work as a creator.